Two Games, One Point

With two games left to go in the Bundesliga season, Bayern Munich hangs onto the lead for the title by a mere point. Forget that Dortmund easily should have held on to the lead against Stuttgart and forget their failure to convert chances against Bochum when they had control of the title race (don’t get me started on the ridiculous no penalty called when Adeyemi was brought down and all the league and ref can say is-oops, we got that one wrong). Despite Dortmund’s choking badly with two of their most recent opportunities to lift the trophy, the opportunity is still there.

Of course Dortmund is no longer in control. Bayern need only win out over the next two weeks and Dortmund can’t catch them. But Dortmund can easily win the next two against Augsburg and Mainz. Traditionally, Augsburg has been a tough team at home in the WWK, but Dortmund is hitting top gear right now, especially with Malen and Adeyemi in their best form. And Haller’s form was the best of the season against Moenchengladbach where he had 2 goals and 2 assists and was just tearing holes in the BMG defense. They scored 4 against Augsburg in Westfalenstadion earlier this season and there is no reason they can’t repeat that feat in Bavaria, especially when they can smell the title.

The question, then, becomes will Tuchel win his first Bundesliga title by leading Bayern past Leipzig and Koln and securing his place with so many past Bayern coaches that have won titles? This will also allow Khan and Brazzo to loosen their sphincters and rest easy that perhaps Tuchel is the right man for the job. They can also get drunk on Paulaner knowing they can compete for multiple trophies next season, likely after dropping tens if not a hundred million on new players including a new forward to fill Lewandowski’s shoes.

But neither Leipzig nor Kohn is a pushover. Leipzig is in a good position to play in the Champion’s League next season, but their position in the top 4 is far from secure. Union Berlin and Freiburg are on their heels and they don’t want to leave this until the last week to have to fight for a top 4 place. Leipzig is certainly more than capable of playing Bayern tough for 90 minutes and escaping Allianz with a much needed draw. Koln have won 4 of their last 6 and the Billy Goats will have RheinEnergie Stadion completely rocking in their final game of the season. Should the Billy Goats at any point get the lead in that game, the entire City of Cologne will absolutely erupt in one giant month long party. The pressure is on Bayern, and while they remain the favorite to win the title, it is far from a given.

It should be fun!!!

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